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Installing Minions of Mirth for MAC OSX

Installing Minions of Mirth Free Edition MAC OSX

Close all running programs.

Double-click on the downloaded MomFreeEdition.dmg and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to register your account with:

    1. a unique public name
    2. a valid email address

If you are using MAC OS 10.4 or above this file should automaticly open. If you have problems opening the .dmg file use the appropriate version of StuffIt Expander

Installing Minions of Mirth PREMIUM Edition MAC OSX

Make sure you have already downloaded and installed the Minions of Mirth Free Edition MAC OSX from the instructions above.

Purchase the Minions of Mirth Premium Edition MAC OSX from the Prairie games online store. You will receive an email when your account has been successfully upgraded.

Once you have been notified that you have been upgraded, start Minions of mirth and click on the "Patch to Premium" button on the main menu.

You will be asked for your Public Name and the password you received when registering. (in most cases your Public Name and password will already be filled in the correct places)

Minions of Mirth will then be patched to the Premium Edition.

You can follow these steps at any time to reinstall the Minions of Mirth Premium Edition.



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