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Minions of Mirth for famlies

Over 70 percent of parents worry they don't spend enough time with their children.

But Ken, an IT specialist in upstate New York, figured out a way for his whole family to spend more quality time together - online

Ken was already a fan of Minions of Mirth, the award winning online massively multiplayer game. He knew it used OpenGL technology and could run on almost any device, so he put a copy on his own PC laptop and his wife's MAC. He installed it on his oldest son's older tower PC, and also on the other kids' brand new notebook computers. He even put a copy on his son's girlfriend's machine.

And this summer, Ken and his entire family spent hours and hours adventuring together in the magical lands of Mirth... solving quests, killing monsters, collecting loot and having fun in an safe and moderated online environment with one of the most supportive gaming communities online today.

And since Minions of Mirth is free, it didn't cost Ken a cent

Minions of Mirth installs easily on both MAC OSX and Windows/Vista, has frequent in-game live events and adventures, and can be played even when your offline... Go ahead and join our active and growing community and find out why Minions of Mirth is today's top indie MMORPG!

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Minions of Mirth is a gigantic world of adventure featuring

16 different character classes
12 different character races
online play as a social MMORPG
offline play as a single player game

and no monthly subscription fees!


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